Why I’m writing

To share everything I wish someone had told me about marketing 20 years ago.

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On rules, tools, and frameworks for experienced marketers and novices alike.

About me

I’ve spent my career making sure that the right things get the attention they deserve.

At work and in life, I’m passionate about science and technology; my specific expertise lies in the areas of “brains, bots and bodies” as well as education and education technology.

I spend most of my professional time working with innovators in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, healthcare IT and "omics,"​ neuroscience, robotics, chemistry, material science, and aerospace, as well as scientific research commercialization generally.

I founded JDI (Jones-Dilworth, Inc.) in 2009 to bring emerging technologies to market. I love our clients and my team. Think of us as an outsourced, full-stack marketing department, with a domain emphasis on computer science, life science, and both the social and physical sciences.